Clear Corneal Incisions (CCI):

For the preparation of cataract surgical interventions, the Clear Corneal Incisions (CCI) can be used to gain access to the anterior chamber using one main incision and up to two paracentesis incisions.

Topographically matched incisions

Individual incision construction - uni, bi or triplanar - are available with this highly flexible software. Due to the custom-designed and more angled architecture, enhanced treatments can be supported.


Advantages at a glance

  • Self-sealing incisions (no sutures needed)
  • Help preventing post-op endophthalmitis
  • Reproducible dimensions
  • Tailored and flexible geometry


Specifications - CCI

  • One main and up to two side port incisions
  • Single and multi-plane geometries (1,2 or 3 segments)
  • Programmable tissue bridge possible
  • Up to 10 mm diameter
  • Individual positioning

The FEMTO LDV Z2, Z4, Z6 and Z8 are CE marked and FDA cleared. For some countries, availability may be restricted due to regulatory requirements; please contact Ziemer for details. Presbyopia treatments occur exclusively by a pocket creation and the implantation of a corresponding corneal inlay of a third party. Availability of related corneal inlays and implants may vary according to policy of the individual manufacturers and regulatory status in the individual countries. To comply with FDA regulations, devices for sale in the U. S. do not mention 'Presbyopia' on the panels.