The Z-LASIK options consist of the unique 2D LASIK featuring a natural, planar border cut, the flexible Z-LASIK 3D and Z-LASIK Optima which combines the best features of booth of the others. With more than 2.5 million succesfull procedures, Z-LASIK has a great track record as a safe and effective procedure. 



Z-LASIK - the gold standard

With this method, the flap resection is created in a planar mode (xy-plane), at the requested depth. Fully-adjustable hinge size and position.

  • Excellent stroma bed quality
  • Natural curvature, self-sealing flap edges
  • Precise vacuum levels thanks to fully computer-controlled suction system
  • Highly flexible and intuitive software

Z-LASIK Z - the 3D mode

This new Z-LASIK method performs the resection in a three-dimensional mode. Each flap can be customized to accommodate the desired geometry.

  • Round and oval flaps
  • Angled edge as desired by surgeon

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The FEMTO LDV Z2, Z4, Z6 and Z8 are CE marked and FDA cleared. For some countries, availability may be restricted due to regulatory requirements; please contact Ziemer for details. Presbyopia treatments occur exclusively by a pocket creation and the implantation of a corresponding corneal inlay of a third party. Availability of related corneal inlays and implants may vary according to policy of the individual manufacturers and regulatory status in the individual countries. To comply with FDA regulations, devices for sale in the U. S. do not mention 'Presbyopia' on the panels.